Worthy Chief Counselor (WCC): Hannah Eberle
The WCC acts as the president of our organization. The WCC is in charge of all of the regular parliamentary proceedings of the Chapter. The WCC also maintains supervision over all committees. The WCC is ultimately responsible for the morale, financial condition, scholastic standing, social life, aggressiveness in college activities, and general progress or decline of the Chapter.

Worthy Vice Counselor (WVC): Nathan Owen and Ryan Pratt
The WVC who serves as the vice president of the chapter has all of the responsibilities usually assigned to the second in charge of an organization. The WVC's primary function is to succeed the WCC in case of absence and to assist the WCC in the performance of their regular duties. The WCC and WVC must work closely together for successful management of the Chapter.

Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals (WKRS): Kristen Brown and Sean Bergeron
The WKRS serves as the secretary of the Chapter. The WKRS is responsible for maintaining all records and all documents of the fraternity (such as: Constitution, National Bylaws, House Rules, Registration as a student group, etc.). The WKRS also calls role at meetings and records all proceedings during meetings.

Worthy Keeper of Finance (WKF): Brad Burke and Margaret Arnold

The WKF holds the fiscal integrity of the Chapter in their hands. The WKF receives all dues, maintains records, and manages the disbursement of all funds. The WKF is responsible for reporting on balances due, bank account balances, budget variances, and any other indications of the Chapter's financial status. The WKF should also coordinate all fund raising activities of the chapter.

Worthy Correspondent (WC): Jessica Burkhart
The WC is a vital link between the Chapter and the national and regional offices. It is the responsibility of the WC to coordinate all incoming and outgoing correspondence. The WC is also responsible for overseeing the Chapter's participation in the Achievement Award program.

Worthy Prelate (WP): Ashley Holland and Daniel Bradley
The WP acts as the Chapter's chaplain. The WP must conduct all devotional services according to ritual. The WP is also charged with safeguarding the morale of the fraternity and is the "Sunshine Committee." The WP acts as the official greeter of the fraternity and welcomes outsiders to our Brotherhood.

Worthy Inner Guard (WIG): Michelle Herbert and Levi Lancaster

The WIG acts as an assistant to the WMA and shares the duties of the WMA. The WIG and WMA work closely in preparing for Chapter meeting and initiation rituals. The WIG should also be well versed in the Ritual.

Worthy Master-at-Arms (WMA): Anwesa Chakrabarti and Chip Morris
The WMA acts as the sergeant-at-arms of the Chapter and guards all items of Chapter property. The WMA should be an expert at the mechanism of the Ritual and at all times is responsible for the preparation of candidates for initiation. The WMA should also work closely with the Worthy Inner Guard.

Worthy Alumni Liaison (WAL): Viven Chimezie and Brian Winbigler
The Worthy Alumni Liaison (WAL) is responsible for maintaining current records of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all living alumni of the Chapter. The WAL should work closely with the alumni chapter and regularly attend their meetings. The WAL also acts as a host to any visiting alumni.

Webmaster: Doug Mesich
The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Phi Delta Chi Omega chapter website, and the individual listserv for Memphis, Knoxville, and Nashville chapters. In addition, the webmaster develops and maintains the technological initiatives of the chapter; including social , electronic, and video media.

Service Chairs - James Smith, Mythili Chunduru, Mitchell Keen, Lauren Harris

Social Chairs - Ah Young  Byun, Laura Fuller, Camille Davis, Kevin Patel

Fundraising Chairs - Jarred Bowden, Freda Cunningham, Sarah Knoll, Ashley Wiliams

Pledge Trainers - Sheila Liddell, Brittany Turner, Lauren Harris

Scholarship Chair - Vata Sitimascharoen

P3 Liason - Mya Santos

Nashville Liason - Cortney Wong

Pledge Advocate - Danielle Henley
      Dr. Katie Suda, Associate Professor
Dr. Rex Brown, Professor and Vice Chair
Jeff Bogue, Coordinator Alum and Student Affairs
      Distinguished Faculty      
      Dr. Duane Miller, Van Vleet Professor and Chair
Dr. Dick Gourley, UT College of Pharmacy Dean
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